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Duran Duran

so the other night i went to see duran duran at the old ritz (currently webster hall).
and they were great. how could they not be great? a boy-band/pop-band who wrote their own great songs and dressed themselves and played their own instruments (very well, i might add)?
seems kind of novel now, in a world where we just accept the fact that most musicians don't write their own songs and don't dress themselves and don't play instruments.
but how could duran duran not be great, i ask?
they wrote 'planet earth' & 'girls on film' & 'save a prayer' & 'ordinary world' & 'the reflex' & 'wild boys' & 'rio' & etc etc.
and they were cursed by what we can call the 'bee gees' curse. which is: 'write amazing songs, sell tons of records, and consequently incur the wrath or disinterest of the rock obsessed critical establishment'.
listen to 'planet earth'(or 'stayin' alive'...). amazing songs with great atmosphere and great musicianship. but the fact that they were very successful and stylized means that the critics never took them seriously. which they should have.
if the critics had championed the likes of the bee-gee's and duran duran and chic and harold melvin and the blue notes we would certainly be living in a musically superior world to the one in which we're now living.

so now getting to the point...i actually went to see duran duran when they first played at the ritz (before it became the 'old ritz') when they first played there in the 80's (i think). but i couldn't get in because it was sold out and i was just a little kid with no ticket who had taken metro-north in from connecticut and who then went and played video-games on the corner of st. marks and 1st avenue (an old game called 'paper boy' to be exact).

so it was kind of nice to come back 20 years later to the same venue and actually be allowed in.
so, thanks.

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