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moby announces new nyc club night

“degenerates” join moby and a changing line-up of dj's, as they bring you "degenerates," the first in a series of dj nights at hiro ballroom in new york on thursday, october 11. "when i was growing up in manhattan in the early 80's you could go dancing anywhere: area, fallout shelter, danceteria, etc. now in 2007 your options for a degenerate night out dancing in manhattan are more limited. with this in mind, i wanted to start a fun and dirty and eclectic night of dance music, called 'degenerates'. hopefully on the night people will somehow be inspired by the name." moby has also invited “the juan mcclean,” stretch armstrong (his former nyc roommate), and dfa artist alex frankel to dj the inaugural “degenerates” - which is slated to become a regular nyc residency for moby. moby is set to release his next album, 'last night', on mute in spring 2008. "degenerates" will also be a testing ground for new moby material, so come down for an amazing party. hiro ballroom is located at 361 w 16th street at 9th avenue. doors open at 10pm. $5 tickets are available at www.gbh.tv or at ticketweb.com.