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extras needed in los angeles next week

so, this week in los angeles wayne coyne (from the flaming lips) and i are making a video for a song we've done together. and we need extras! 

if you're interested please contact: csphoto@me.com casting is tomorrow tuesday august 6th shooting august 10th in Downtown LA.

below are the extras we need, if you think you can help out:

A DRUNK KING: Guy with beard age 35-50

S&M GIMP RHYTHMIC GYMNAST: A Rhythmic Gymnast dressed in a leather S and M Gimp costume complete with mask with a zipper mouth. Someone who is good at the ribbon and stick thing. Preferably a male if such a thing exists. If not a Women or girl with a flat chest.

8 ROLLERSKATING GHOSTS: Any gender. Roller skaters not rollerbladers, ideally people who can roller dance and do a choreographed routine, perhaps a roller dance crew if such a thing exists. Ideally people who also would be OK with taking off their costume and get naked but not obligatory rollerskating dance ability takes preference.

12 GOTH CHOIR MEMBERS: In their 20‘s Mixed sex and ethnicity. Don't have to be able to sing but need to lip synch and be able to move with a little it of rhythm as the choir will move their hands in unison. They should be goth. Ideally they are comfortable with nudity.

2 OBESE BEARDED BIKERS IN RED SPEEDOS: Pretty self explanatory there. Need to be able to ride a motorcycle, ideally they have their own.

20 RANDOM PARTY GOERS WHO ARE COMFORTABLE WITH NUDITY: All ages. Freaky fun, people who are cool with dancing and getting naked. Existing costumes and skills a plus like hula hoopers, crunk dancers various random talents, jugglers etc, trick rope twirlers, stuff of that weird talent show speciality nature a plus. Comfortable with nudity is the main requirement here.

A PUNK ROCK BRASS BRAND: Maybe this pre- exist in LA? Like a steam punk anarchistic brass band?

p.s-these are real requests..



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