We're re-releasing 'hotel ambient'. it will also contain some new tracks and some extended tracks: more info


mobygratis has relaunched


about 5 years ago, as some of you might know, i started a website/resource called mobygratis.com.

mobygratis.com is really, really simple. basically it gives 100% free music to non-profit, indie, and student film-makers.

the music on mobygratis.com is 100% free for all non-commercial uses (and if the uses become commercial then any/all money generated goes to the humane society, making sure that i can never make a single cent from mobygratis.com).

i'm writing because we've just made some updates and changes to mobygratis.com to make it easier to use and, hopefully, a better resource for indie filmmakers, film students, and non-profits. also we've added a lot of new music, including the music from my last 2 albums, 'wait for me', and 'destroyed', as well as remixes from both albums (including remixes by david lynch, photek, and yeasayer, among others). we've also included the music and remixes from the recent single i released with mark lanegan, 'the lonely night'.

please have a look at mobygratis.com for yourself, and please feel free to share the link/resource with any filmmakers whom you think might find it useful.

oh, and here's a short video that introduces and describes mobygratis.com



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