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happy academy awards

as tonight is the oscars i thought i'd put up a picture of the hollywood sign.
well, actually the back of the hollywood sign:

Hollywood sign

i love that the hollywood sign has become this iconic image, representing l.a universally, far and wide.
what makes it amazing is that originally the hollywood sign was erected as temporary advertising for a real estate development.
originally it said 'hollywoodland' (the name of the real estate development), but the 'land' part fell down.
paris has the eiffel tower, nyc has the empire state building, rome has the colliseum, and l.a has a big old sign advertising a real estate development from the 20's.
which, if you dislike l.a, you probably see it as a symbol of the quick, vapid, and disposable nature of l.a culture.
or if you like l.a (as i do) you see it as something kind of odd, modern, accidental, impermanent, and endearing.
so here's to the world's most famous and recognizable real estate development advertisement.

ok, happy academy awards.


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