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houses that look kind of like grounded ocean liners

ok, so there's an architectural style from the early/mid 20th century that is either called 'moderne' or 'streamline moderne' or 'houses that look kind of like grounded ocean liners'.

and l.a has a lot of these 'streamline moderne houses that look vaguely like ocean liners from 1930'. not enough, as they're pretty great, but still: a lot, comparitively speaking. and this one is arguably the prettiest of the bunch. because it also sort of looks like a corbusier inspired french/parisian house from 1930, but with palm trees sitting in the background (and uninspiring beige houses on either side of it).

streamline moderne LA

streamline moderne LA

also, i'm advertising my ignorance here: i know nothing about this house. i don't know who designed or built it. nor do i know when it was designed or built. but it's beautiful. and it looks like like a grounded and amazing ocean liner. albeit a modest/small grounded and amazing ocean liner.

it does sometimes make me sad that when people/developers put up new buildings they rarely seem to aspire to put up beautiful and interesting buildings, but rather throw up (apt choice of words) a handful of generic beige vaguely missionary houses.

i apologize for editorializing, but the world doesn't really need any more generic beige houses. but the world would benefit from having more houses that look like grounded, futuristic, art deco ocean liners. like this one.
there, i've editorialized.

dear developers: please make more houses like this. and fewer generic, beige houses. if possible.



oh, ps. here's the wikipedia page on 'streamlined moderne'. oh, and i'm not sure why they tacked the extra 'e' on the end of 'modern'. but it makes it almost impossible to say out loud and not sound really pompous. try it, say 'moderne' out loud. see, it's pretty awkward, huh. like you need a cigarette in a 10" long cigarette holder and noel coward playing in the background.

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