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the iconic and legendary capitol records building

as it's grammy weekend i thought i'd take some pictures of the iconic and legendary capitol records building:

Capitol Records

Capitol Records

Capitol Records

Capitol Records

Capitol Records

well, i also thought i'd take some pictures of it because it's a fantastic and fantastically anachronistic building, representing a time when record companies were huge and powerful and the music business was annually growing from strength to strength (even if the musicians themselves were routinely shafted in the process... oops, sorry had to get in a word for all of the musicians over the years who've been treated like dirty step-children while the executives at the record companies made tens of millions of dollars). but this building. it's a great building, practically and conceptually.

it was designed (or so i've been led to believe) to look like a big stack of 7" 45rpm records, with a gigantic stylus (needle)pressing down upon the top record. everything about this has become amazingly anachronistic, as 7" records disappeared ages ago, and at this point the record business could be better understood as the i-tunes/mp3 business. no more records. no more needles (ironically there's a needle exchange in the shadow of the capitol records building, but for a very different type of needle). 

but the anachronism, as represented architecturally, is charming and amazing and endearing and chilling (in that it represents a dead and dying industry). a form that had great relevance when it was conceived and built now just looks like a super-cool round building with a big weird spikey thing on top.

i guess it's also worth remembering that this building was a shining beacon when pop music was elvis and frank sinatra and the beatles. and now pop music is, well, it is what it is. 

i won't malign the state of pop music, specifically, but i will state the obvious: it's not the beatles or simon and garfunkel or the clash or nirvana or alice in chains or marvin gaye or stevie wonder or bob marley or bruce springsteen or the rolling stones or rem, even though it once was.

it's not idiosyncratic individuals who made challenging and beautiful and fascinating music that inspired hundreds of millions of people.

i won't say what the world of pop music is. but i'm happy to state the obvious and point out what it isn't, and what it used to be.

perhaps the demise of the record business has less to do with piracy and mp3's than it does with the gaping maw that separates what the pop music world currently is as opposed to what it used to be.

sorry to be cranky, but music is precious to me and it breaks my heart to see it treated like trash. and, oops, the capitol records building is great architecture.



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