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another beautiful old theater downtown

ok, someday soon i'll get back to beautiful mid century houses scattered throughout l.a.
but for now: another beautiful old theater downtown.

speaking of downtown: if you're interested to know what times square looked like in 1978 you have two options.

option 1-build a time machine and go back to times square in 1978.
option 2-walk up and down broadway in downtown los angeles.

oh, if for some reason you do have a time machine, please let me know, as there are lots of places from the past and future i'd
like to visit.
for starters: a weekend in nyc in 1978. start the night at studio 54 with mick and bianca, and then end the night at max's kansas city with andy warhol and lou reed.
that seems like a good use of/for a time machine, right?

ok, back to buildings (as it is, sadly, 2013).
the tower theater:

the tower theatre

the tower theatre

the tower theatre

the tower theatre

one of the most beautiful theaters downtown.
and also, as is the case with most of the beautiful theaters downtown, sitting empty.
or, as far as i can tell: sitting empty.
come on, rich fancy developers: stop building new theaters, ok?
the world doesn't need more new generic theaters.
the world DOES need for these old, beautiful palaces to be cared for and preserved.
once they're gone: they're gone.
and no glut of new, generic, crappy, synthetic theaters can ever replace them, not ever.

ok, on behalf of the beautiful neglected theaters of the world: thanks for listening.


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