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hidden in plain sight cabin

ok. this house has fascinated me for a few years now.

Hollywood Cabin

Hollywood Cabin

here's what i know:

1-it's in the middle of hollywood.
2-it's hidden in plain sight.
3-it doesn't seem to have a driveway.
4-it might not actually exist.
5-i can see it from the other side of the canyon, but when i've tried to look for it up close it disappears.

granted, there might be banal and pedestrian explanations for why it doesn't actually exist and why it seems to disappear when i look for it up close. but who wants banal and pedestrian explanations for things that are interesting and mysterious?
to that end:
i almost feel that humanity as a whole suffered a great loss when cartographers stopped writing 'here there be monsters' at the edge of ocean maps.
why not just keep writing 'here there be monsters'?
that's way more interesting than writing 'here there be some normal cities you'll probably never visit.'
or when the monster at the end of scooby doo was revealed to be a local hardware store employee.
why not leave things vague?
to be clear:
i'm not saying that there are monsters in this little cabin.
i'm not saying anything about it, except that it might only partially exist, like a little urban rural brigadoon.

it could, of course, be the home and headquarters for a group of crime fighting animals. i'm not saying it IS, but if someone forced me to come up with
an explanation of how and why there's a driveway-less cabin in the middle of hollywood i'd be forced to say 'it's the home and headquarters for a group of crime fighting animals.'
during the day they hang out and sleep and put things in their scrapbooks, and at night they run down the hillside to fight crime.
which might also explain why my neighborhood has a surprisingly low crime rate.

and yes, this is ostensibly a blog about architecture.


and p.s-yes, in case you're wondering, this hidden in plain sight cabin is in the middle of an urban sprawl of 15,000,000 people.

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