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ok, here's clifton's cafeteria

clifton’s cafeteria

clifton’s cafeteria

clifton’s cafeteria

my hope, which might seem naive, is that it's not actually being torn down, but is instead being cleaned up somehow.
call me naive.
clifton's was where ray bradbury hung out and wrote and ate(for free, as they'd give food to people who couldn't afford it), and it was also where the los angeles science fiction society had their meetings.
i'm torn, as on one hand i hate to see iconic and wonderful places suffer from neglect, but on the other hand neglected buildings tend to look amazing and entropic, with their peeling paint and walled up windows.
maybe some smart conceptual architect could figure out a way of creating new buildings that are already showing signs of benign entropy?

oh, and it's december 24th. so, happy december 24th.
it seems fitting to include a building on december 24th that was famous for giving away food to people who couldn't afford it.
ok, happy december 24th.


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