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ok, simply: i really like factories

i've spent most of my adult life living in repurposed or abandoned old factories.
and when i was growing up and driving through new jersey with my mom i would always get surprisingly excited by the gigantic factories on i-95 south of newark (even if they smelled like an explosion in a rotten lobster plant).

my favorite factories are the big old brick abandoned factories that made who knows what in the 19th century and now serve as giant empty homes for pigeons and rats.
but i also like massive new factories, like this one.
i think that this factory makes energy.
which is sort of, somehow, ironic.
taking energy to make energy.
and it's fascinating to me that a huge factory wouldn't actually create anything that had mass, at least as we conventionally understand mass.

i've also always liked utilitarian structures that have an almost accidental architectural significance or beauty.
it's almost as if the architects take a back seat to the engineers and the engineers get to be the ones to determine the aesthetics of a structure based on it's utility.
ok, here's a factory.







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