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ok, here's a video that very few people ever saw. it's the video for 'into the blue'

it's kind of odd, as it was made using a remix that i don't actually remember.
it's not a bad remix, but i personally don't think it's as emotional as the original album track.
it's also worth watching the video as it was probably the last time in my life where i had anything resembling normal people hair.
well, not all that normal, as i had dyed it blonde.
so i look vaguely like karl from underworld.
the other thing worth watching in the video is me in a tank of water like an odd dyed blonde alien fish creature.
and even though the remix isn't as good as the original song you still get to hear mimi goese's beautiful voice.

ok, so: me underwater and mimi goese singing and the last few minutes before all of the hair officially left my head.



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