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ok, now i'm really going to stretch any idea of what could be considered architecture

ok, now i'm really going to stretch any idea of what could be considered architecture (and i don't mean that in a particularly conceptual or high-brow way, as i'm basically taking pictures of bugs). in that these pictures are:

  • of a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis.
  • not really involving anything human.

but i like the pictures and i want to see how i can broadly consider them architecture.
the chrysalis!
that's it. the chrysalis is like a little house/pod. granted not exactly built by humans, but it's still a structure. a little organic building with a very specific utility and design, subject to entropic elements just like everything else ever constructed. ever.
so the chrysalis is the architecture.
and it's attached to a chair.
a crummy ikea chair leg. and i never paid attention to this flimsy chair leg until i noticed that a butterfly had constructed it's chrysalis attached to the flimsy ikea chair leg.
which teaches us (well, me), that:

  • even flimsly ikea chair legs can be put to good use. and...
  • the utility of anything can be so much more than we conventionally imagine (i'm guessing whoever designed this $15 outdoor ikea chair never imagined that in addition to being a disposable chair it would also be an ideal place for a butterfly to build it's chrysalis).



so, insect architecture. maybe next time i'll actually take pictures of a building built by and for humans. or an anthill.

ok, i hope you had a nice weekend.
and i hope that obama and the democrats win on tuesday.
lots of hoping.

oh, and i found this butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis outside by the pool in 90 degree weather on saturday. here's to not being cold.



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