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the election is almost upon us, and people are issuing endorsements left and right. so, here's mine...

i'm going to try and lay out, clearly and rationally, why i'm voting for barack obama. i don't want to employ hyperbole, rather i'm going to simply spell out why i think 4 more years of barack obama would be better than a mitt romney presidency.

to that end: i've identified 4 areas that are important to me: the economy, the environment, social issues, foreign policy. and i'm going to grade each candidate and, at the end, add up their grades.

the economy

barack obama: B (85 points). i admit, barack obama gets a B when it comes to the economy. perhaps he'd be able to do better without an obstructionist republican congress, or perhaps not. but his economic record is a decent 'B'. i also appreciate that his economic vision generally favors industries of the future (alternative energy, high tech, communications, etc). so i give him 85 points, a B.

mitt romney: C+ (78 points). i'd give mitt romney a higher score on the economy except that his economic plan has been reviled by most economists. it's also been reviled by the economist. i also think that mitt romney focuses on old industries (coal, oil, etc), which focus is ultimately to the detriment of the united states.

the environment

barack obama: B (85 points). obama's environmental record is ok. not amazing. but not disastrous. again, a good solid B.

mitt romney: D (65 points). mitt romney hasn't once mentioned protecting the environment, nor has he mentioned climate change. he is in favor of handing public lands over to industry and he's in favor of opening the alaskan national wildlife refuge to oil exploration. his environmental policies worry me. so, a D.

social issues

barack obama: A (95 points). this is where obama shines, from lilly ledbeter to dadt to pell grants to countless other social issues, obama's social record has been stellar. he deserves a solid A.

mitt romney: D- (62 points). mitt romney is beholden to the extreme right of the republican party. he is opposed to gay marriage, is opposed to equal and fair pay for women, and is opposed to a woman's right to choose, he wants to shut down pbs, and he believes that hard working immigrants should 'self-deport', (among other things). his social policies represent the worst and most atavistic aspects of the republican party, and for that he gets a D-.

foreign policy

barack obama: B (85 points). again, when it comes to foreign policy i think obama has done a fine job. not phenomenal, but solid and fine. he gets a B.

mitt romney: D- (62 points). when mitt romney went overseas for A WEEK he managed to offend and alienate almost every one of our allies with whom he came into contact. mitt romney has no foreign policy experience, and his words and actions indicate that his foreign policy is based equally on ignorance and arrogance, which is an incredibly dangerous combination in these challenging times.

so, final score:

barack obama: 350 points (average grade: B+).

mitt romney: 267 points (average grade: D+).

simply, that's why i'm voting for barack obama and not mitt romney. it's not based on irrational emotion or blind party allegiance, it's simply based on the fact that i believe that barack obama over the last 4 years has proven himself to be better than mitt romney regarding the issues that are important to me.



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