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ok, sort-of politics (as we get ready to watch the 2nd debate, which when this is put up will instead be 'after watching the 2nd debate)

ok, sort-of politics (as we get ready to watch the 2nd debate, which when this is put up will instead be 'after watching the 2nd debate)

let's look at mike.
mike works in greenwich connecticut for a hedge fund and he makes around $5,000,000 a year, which as far as hedge-fund salaries are concerned is on the low side.
mike lives in bedford, ny.
mike goes on vacation in palm beach, florida.
and sometimes mike goes to palo alto, ca.
and sometimes mike and his family go to europe.
for the most part mike spends his time in affluent towns filled with affluent people.
as a result mike thinks that the united states is in pretty good shape, as the towns where he spends time have good hospitals and good roads and good trains and good schools and well funded parks and police and fire departments.
so mike supports mitt romney and the republicans because he believes that the federal government should have less money and that his taxes should be lower.
this, from my perspective, is the biggest problem with wealthy people who support mitt romney: they live in wealthy places with well funded local legislatures and infrastructures.
and they rarely see the rest of the united states. and the rest of the united states is falling apart.
i can't criticize the wealthy too much, as their perspective is based on what they see on a day to day basis.
but when you travel to the rest of the united states you see the consequences of two trillion dollar wars and a trillion
dollar tax cut given to the wealthiest americans.
the consequences: crumbling roads, over crowded schools, underfunded police and fire departments, dysfunctional hospitals, closing national parks, etc etc.
the republicans from 2000-2008 spent trillions of dollars that the u.s didn't have. trillions of dollars on:

  • the war in iraq
  • the war in afghanistan
  • tax cuts for wealthy americans
  • subsidies to oil companies
  • etc.

trillions of dollars that could've been spent fixing roads and fixing hospitals and building schools and hiring teachers and providing money to police and fire departments, for example.

for me the election is pretty simple:

  • obama and the democrats are in favor of fair taxation for all americans and re-building the infrastructure of the united states.
  • romney and the republicans are in favor of tax breaks for the very wealthy and for letting communities fend for themselves.

the romney/republican approach works great for greenwich, connecticut, where the median income is around $2,000,000 a year.
the romney/republican approach is disastrous for places with high unemployment or low median incomes.

i support president obama and the democrats because i believe that investing in the infrastructure of the united states (schools, hospitals, state parks, public transportation, etc, etc) is the best way for the united states to remain a relatively healthy and prosperous and thriving country.

re-distributing wealth back into the hands of the very wealthy benefits very few people, although those very few people benefit massively. whereas providing adequate funding to schools and roads and hospitals and public transportation benefits everyone, not just now, but for the foreseeable future.

ok, that's it for now.



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