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ok, here's a random video...

amazing production value (well, shot on someone's phone).
and one of the best songs i've ever written (actually it's a christmas song written hundreds of years ago).
which makes sense for me to post it in october.

here's the back story: last december some friends and i had a winter solstice party at the besant lodge on beachwood canyon.
basically a bunch of people from the neighborhood gathered and played songs and told stories and it was all very neighborhoody and cute and nice and solstice appropriate (the head of the theosophist society came and spoke to us about light vs. dark and the meaning of the solstice and he was amazing).
and inyang was in town so she came to the party and sang a couple of songs and this is one of them.

about this song: i remember being very little and going to church with my mom at christmas and hearing this song and falling in love with it. i like to think of it as non-denominational, even if technically it isn't.

ok, thanks, and i hope you had a nice weekend.


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