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in 1992 my friend damian made this video for me

ha, this is going back 20 years.
almost exactly 20 years.
oh, it's in the 'i've made a lot of videos and here is one of them' category of updates.

so: in 1992 my friend damian made this video for me with:

  • amazing footage shot at some early storm and nasa raves in nyc. and
  • amazingly embarrassing footage of me standing still while wearing weird round glasses that we found on the subway. and
  • a very attractive woman my friend damian had a crush on at the time.

i think, but i'm not sure, that the total budget for the video was $250. which at the time was almost 2 months rent in the lower east side.
lots has changed since then.
like, for example:

  • damian is now a very successful painter. and:
  • i now have considerably less hair. and:
  • $250 in the lower east side today would maybe rent you a broom closet for 6 hours. keeping in mind that it probably wouldn't be a very nice broom closet. the nice broom closets are much pricier.

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