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so, on saturday i had a near-perfect l.a 14 hours.

i had breakfast at trails in griffith park.
i met some friends at barnsdall park.
then i drove with some other friends to animal acres/farm sanctuary near acton (where we got to play with pigs and goats and other farm animals).
then we drove back through angeles national forest, spending almost 2 hours in the middle of huge mountains and deep valleys and no other people in sight.
then i jumped in a pool and swam around and went to see some bands at the bootleg in echo park.
sure, i'm a cliche'd angeleno to a large extent, but some cliches are forgivable because they're awesome (like, for example, breakfast on saturday at trails cafe).
so, hate me for being a cliche'd angeleno, but i'm a relatively happy cliche'd angeleno.

oh, and somewhere in the middle of the day i stopped and took pictures of one of my favorite old dark strange motels, the olive on sunset in echo park.

the olive on sunset in echo park

the olive on sunset in echo park

the olive on sunset in echo park

the olive on sunset in echo park

i'll be honest, it looks a little bit better at night when it's neon is shining darkly and you just assume that all sorts of wrong and nefarious stuff is going on inside.
but by day it does look like a slightly ominous modern bunker, structurally making sure that no one inside is disturbed by anything as harsh and upsetting as sunlight.
and i'm not sure what it says about me that i'm including pictures of an ominous motel as opposed to skyscraping grand and beautiful mountains, although i guess mountains could only loosely be considered architecture, whereas this ominous motel was actually designed and built by someone at some point.



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