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ok, caveat: this involves politics. but it's brief.

the other day some friends were in colorado and they got in an argument with some romney supporters. the romney supporters were saying that obama's policies were bad for the economy. my friends were frustrated. so here's a simple riposte for romney supporters who claim that obama's been bad for the economy, if you want to use it:

at the end of the bush presidency the u.s was losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month.
but under obama we've had 30 months of straight job growth, new housing starts are higher than they've been for 5 years, and the dow is at 13,700.

do you really think obama's bad for the economy? plus there'd be even better job growth if the republican congress didn't keep blocking obama's jobs bills. but as mitch mcconnell said at the start of obama's term:

"our (republican) priority is making obama a one term president."

the republican priority was not job growth. it was blocking obama, even if that meant blocking legislation that could have created even more jobs.


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