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this weeks installment in the 'i've made a lot of videos and here is one of them' video is 'feeling so real'

ok, this weeks installment in the 'i've made a lot of videos and here is one of them' video is 'feeling so real', as directed by my friend julie hermelin.

the song was a single from 'everything is wrong', and it came out in 1994 (i think), when the rave scene was in a very strange (not bad, just strange) place (mainly due to the excessive amounts of drugs most of the ravers were taking).

so my friend julie and i wanted to make a video that somehow felt like a small underground punk rock rave.

we were supposed to shoot at the old masque in l.a (a legendary punk rock venue), but at the last minute we lost our permit. so we shot in the alley outside of the masque.
we were supposed to have a bunch of professional extras, but we didn't have the budget for professional extras, so we rounded up some local homeless kids and skateboarders and gave them sandwiches.
we were supposed to have a female singer in the video, but we decided at the end of the day that it was easier to put me in a wig and a dress and have me pretend to be a female singer.
so we ended up with a crazy chaotic time capsule of a video featuring accidental trannies (well, tranny) and homeless punk rock kids and skateboarding ravers and a lot of broken equipment.
and i hope it can be viewed in your country.
and i don't know why 90% of the videos i've made don't exist in their original form on the youtube or elsewhere.
i blame the short-sighted big media companies.
well, i blame them for lots of things, not just keeping my videos off of the youtubes.



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