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from michelle obama

from michelle obama:

I know we've been asking a lot from you lately. What I'm asking today is easy -- but critical if we want to win this election.

Please take a moment to commit to vote this fall, and get at least one other person to do the same.

In a matter of days, voting will have already started in some states, and I just want to know that you plan to do your part to make sure Barack gets four more years to move this country forward.

Please say that you'll vote, and get others to join you.

We know what's at stake this year. And if each of us makes the commitment to vote now and gets others excited about doing the same, we'll be one step closer to winning this election.

So check your registration, pledge to vote this year, and then get your friends and family to do the same: http://my.barackobama.com/Commit-to-Vote

Thanks for all you do,


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