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i realized i haven't written a list based update in a while. so, here's a list based update

i realized i haven't written a list based update in a while.
so, here's a list based update:

1. i hope i'm allowed to announce this. well, here goes: i've re-done 'extreme ways' for the new bourne movie, 'bourne legacy'. i was able to work with a 106 piece orchestra for the new version, and now all i want to do is work with 106 piece orchestras. it was amazing. i want to live in the studio at sony where we recorded the orchestra. it even smells nice (the studio, not the recording. pro-tools files are generally odorless). in addition to the main version we're also going to release a version that's just the orchestra. plus we're getting a whole bunch of amazing remixes done. well, i assume they'll be amazing as they're being done by amazing remixers. here's hoping.

2. i'm going to the uk for a day to play some songs for hillary clinton. yup. cos i love our secretary of state. it's being arranged by dave stewart. it should be fun and interesting. http://www.zimbio.com/Annie+Lennox/articles/uHxiTKn8HLb/Dave+Stewart+Perform+Stream+Start+Concert

3. i'm working hard on the next album. which is pretty much all i can say at this point as i don't actually know when it will be done or when it will be released. but so far i really like it. which might sound narcissistic and self-serving but it's also true. mea culpa.

4. 'eschatology' is a good word, in case you're looking for good words. especially as forests burn and bits of greenland fall into the sea.

5. also what i've seen of 'bourne legacy' looks great. tony gilroy has done an amazing job with the new movie.

6. ah, lists. i like lists a lot. so orderly.

7. i love that the most visible and iconic building in l.a is an observatory. most cities have big, iconic buildings that are testaments to commerce or government. l.a's big, iconic building is a testament to telescopes and outer space.

8. ok, end of the list. i don't want to write too much. i mean, there's already too much information in the world. i feel sort of guilty adding to the grey goo.



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