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i just got back from nyc and montreal and el paso.


i just got back from nyc and montreal and el paso.
unfortunately i wasn't in montreal long enough to take any pictures, but i did have a good 36 hours in el paso to wander around and take pictures of el paso baking in the sun.
during the day saturday it was, i think, around 105 degrees, which isn't all that hot, but hot enough to make el paso look sort of apocalyptic and empty(keeping in mind that i say 'apocalyptic and empty' in good ways, to me 'apocalyptic and empty' are terms of endearment.  maybe i should discuss this in therapy.  hm). in any case here are some pictures of el paso looking endearingly apocalyptic and empty in the noon sun.
and, for random juxtaposition, is el paso looking a lot less empty(although possibly apocalyptic, but in a different way, and involving lots of people).
and to everyone in montreal and el paso: thank you for a great weekend.



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