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Moby los angeles architecture

one of the things that fascinates and baffles me about l.a is the randomness and accidental beauty and strangeness of the architecture here. every day i arbitrarily see buildings and houses and odd structures that go from the beautiful to the banal, usually within 10 feet of each other. so, to that end i'm starting a self-indulgent and fun but pointless new project:

moby los angeles architecture

a daily (or weekly) collection of some of the random and strange and banal and beautiful architecture i see in l.a. most cities have beautiful architecture. but most cities have beautiful architecture that is prominently displayed and relatively easy to find (think: chrysler building, sacre couer, st peters, sydney opera house, etc). one of the very odd things about l.a is that the most beautiful architecture in l.a is hidden on tiny streets that very few people will ever see. and the architecture in l.a is, generally, of a very domestic and modest scale (probably facilitating it's strangeness).

new york has big architecture. paris has grand architecure. most cities have big, grand, old, and well documented architecture. l.a has idiosyncratic weirdness. sometimes beautiful. sometimes strange. sometimes painfully banal. so when i walk/drive around l.a i'll take pictures of some of the strange, beautiful, ugly, banal, sublime, baffling buildings i come across.

i'll start with these 3 buildings. the first two pictures are of an amazing castle/house with a very odd/unique face/entry. it's on a tiny street, so apart from it's neighbors i don't think too many people have ever seen it's strange beauty, or beautiful strangeness.

the third is an example of the banal and mundane that most cities exorcised a long time ago. but l.a has a lot of cheap real estate, so people still put up oddball little drive-thru huts like this.

and the fourth is one of my favorite accidental mid-century buildings in l.a. it's simple and unremarkable, but i really like it.

ok, thanks. -moby the dilettante architectural photographer.


l.a. castle/house 1


l.a. castle/house 2





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