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i've decided to start work on the next record

as the touring starts to wind down ('wind' like a watch, not like air blowing) i've decided to start work on the next record. and after a lot of thought i've decided to do a predominantly orchestral and acoustic record (because i clearly haven't done enough to kill my career already...).

there might be a few electronic elements on the record, but my hope is to have 99% (or more) of the record being made orchestrally and acoustically. it's a very different approach to making a record for me, clearly, as most of my records have been made in my bedroom studio by me and a couple of friends with some weird equipment i've picked up over the years.

for this record, though, i'll hopefully be working in older, more traditional acoustic and orchestral studios in new york and los angeles, with acoustic guitars and orchestral strings and piano and guest vocalists. at present i'm in california in a rental house figuring out which songs to work on. and right now it looks as if the album will be a combination of some new songs, some older obscure songs, and a few older well known songs.

and as this is a very different way for me to make a record i'm going to be documenting it and putting up demo's and video here, so you can see (if you're interested) how the record is being made, while it's being made.

i think we'll put the record out in about a year, so for the next year i'm going to focus on writing and recording, and documenting the process. it should be a weird process, as i have no idea what's going to be involved.

i will do my best to document it as honestly as possible, although i might edit out some bits where i look really old or fat. and maybe i'll include a daily 'very stupid thing i did today'. todays: i went to walk outside and accidentally walked into a screen door, giving me a fantastic screen-shaped abrasion on my shiny forehead.

here's photo #1: me with a business card that was given to me. it's a business card with a unicorn skeleton and a boom box. i thought it was nice. i'm in the office of the little house i've rented, thus the calculator and office lamp in the background.


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