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ok, this is what will probably be considered a 'premature' update

ok, this is what will probably be considered a 'premature' update. 'premature' in that it's not going to actually be comprised of salient facts. but i've been talking to my manager and we're currently trying to put together a north american tour in september and october.

so that's what i can report. which is not very helpful, is it? but it's my hope to do a live tour in north america in september and october. which means: the u.s and a, mexico, and canada.

hopefully at some point in the next couple of weeks i'll be able to provide actual tour dates, and not just this fairly pointless update about intentions and speculation. i haven't done a live tour of north america in about 4 or 5 years, so i actually have no idea if anyone will show up. well, here's hoping.

and, to be clear, this will be a live tour, not a dj tour. i'll still do the occasional dj dates here and there, but mainly i'll be playing live.

hopefully see you soon,


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