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ok, politics. but, for a change, non-american politics.

you might not have noticed, but canadian politics have been insane as of late. 'what?' you might be asking, 'nice canada? insane politics in nice canada? really?' tis true. i'm no expert on canadian politics, but here's what i've been able to figure out (forgive me if i'm egregiously mistaken) the progressives in canada are split between 3 or 4 parties. these 3 or 4 progressive parties split around 70% of the vote between themselves. the conservative/right-wing party in canada is undivided, but gets around 30% of the vote. in the last general election the conservative/right-wing party were victorious, with around 30% of the vote. the leader of the conservatives is, as far as i can tell, a douchebag named stephen harper. stephen harper is an admirer of gw bush and the republicans in the states, and he's trying to do to canada what the republicans have done in the states (tax breaks for the wealthy, cutting services to middle class citizens, raising the cost of health care, spreading xenophobia, etc). his big problem (apart from douchey-ness) is that he only won with 30% of the vote, but yet he's governing like a big, bad, mandated bully. so the remaining progressive parties (who control 70% of the vote between them) were an inch away from banding together and ousting stephen harper and his right wing conservatives. so stephen harper did what any entitled playground bully would do and shut down the government until the end of january so that he can't be fired until then. i guess his hope is that in the next couple of months the 70% of canadians who didn't vote for him will collectively succumb to amnesia and forget that he's a bullying jerk. or maybe he'll lurch to the center to try to keep his job. it doesn't help that the leader of the progressives is a guy named stephane dion (no relation to celine, at least as far as i know), and he seems to be about as charismatic as a room-temperature sponge. it's odd that you have to actually dig deep in american newspapers to find any mention of the fact that our neighbors are going through crazy-time, politically. ok, canada, you are usually like america's smarter and more reasonable cousin, so here's hoping you figure out your problems and show stephen harper the door. good luck, canada. moby

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