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yes, in answer to your questions...

yes, in answer to your questions, the lip-synced vocals in the 'i love to move in here' video are, in fact, being provided by the lovely lady bunny(star of stage and screen). the other cameos apart from caz and bunny are too numerous to mention(and probably wouldn't have much relevance for you if you hadn't lived in nyc for way too long, as i have). the venue is the slipper room, which has for years been one of my favorite places in nyc. and the star of the video is a levitating space-alien octopus puppet who, as is clear in the video, snuck into the club because he likes disco(his nickname was 'little buddy', not to be confused with 'little idiot', which is my nickname as i'm small and not very bright). it was a particularly enjoyable video for me to be involved in because i didn't actually do anything. the next video will be 'ooh yeah', and it will be the creation of a lucky contest winner. aforementioned 'lucky contest winner' could be you, lucky contestant(soon to be winner). $10,000 if your video gets picked. and tens of millions of people will see your video. again, here's the url: http://www.mobygratis.com/competition.html good luck. moby p.s-and, not surprisingly, i have no idea when the 'i love to move in here' single is actually going to be released. but it has about a million really amazing remixes(again, i say this with confidence because i didn't do any of the remixes...).

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