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list time.

list time: 1-i went to see duran duran on broadway on friday night. it was really fun, especially the 'ode to kraftwerk and daniel miller' mid-section. i kind of wished that they had played 'careless memories', but the show was fantastic nonetheless. 2-in the most recent debates the democrats mentioned gw bush 47 times and the republicans mentioned gw bush 2 times...(one of which was a critical mention by ron paul, who is awesome). must not be too much fun being a republican these days. 3-we're putting out a limited vinyl release of 2 songs from my next album, 'last night'. the songs are 'everyday it's 1989' and 'the stars'. they're both piano driven rave anthems and will be released on vinyl only. i think this single gets released at the end of november, and we're only making 1,000 copies of it. 4-the next single after the rave vinyl is called 'alice', and it's being released in december, i believe. it's a dark hip-hop track, with vocals from: aynzli, a jamaican rapper who lives in the uk. the 419 crew, nigerian rappers who live in the uk. and my friend lady rizo, a burlesque performer from brooklyn, nyc. 5-isn't it odd that it's more than twice as expensive to live in a former factory in the former slums of lower manhattan than it is to live in a 4 bedroom house on 5 acres of land almost anywhere else in america? i guess people really hate mowing lawns. 6-at the duran duran show i was talking to a friend and recounting some of my most humiliating public musician moments. i narrowed it down to: a-playing a late-afternoon 'rave' in 1993 to an audience of kids with an average age of 10. it was in a club that held 500 people and i believe that 50 or 60 10 year olds showed up. or b-the first time i played in italy. in milan, i believe. it was in a club that held 1,000 people and eight people showed up. yup. 8 people. well, now that i'm thinking of humiliating moments...there was the time i was playing in helsinki and i ran on stage in front of 2,000 people only to fall on my face due to tripping over an untied shoe-lace. or my first show in miami where i was billed as 'mobe, singing their hit "ok". that one in particular makes me laugh, as every last aspect of it is wrong. mobe? singing? their? "ok"? ah, the good old rave days. or my 2nd ever performance. at the palladium(now an nyu dorm). an audience of...5,000 people? i was as nervous as i've ever been, sweaty, queasy, etc. i walked on stage and hit 'play' on my alesis sequencer(this was a while ago...)and...nothing. no sound(well, the sound of 5,000 restless drunks). i had forgotten to load the sounds into my piece-of-garbage yamaha tx-16w sampler and, as a result, was unable to actually make any sounds. it was like one of those bad dreams where you're naked in front of a lecture hall. eventually i was able to load the files and play the show, but i do kind of believe that i took a couple of years off of my life while standing on stage unable to coax sounds from my equipment in front of 5,000 restless drunks. i'll think of some more humiliating experiences and share them in the future. moby

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