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so the white house is asking congress for $2 billion to fight the drug war in mexico.

i mean, what's the point? the drug market works, ironically, according to free market principles. when suppliers and producers and distributors are disrupted in one area they just move to another area. that's what happened with colombia and mexico. for years colombia was the center for narco production and trafficking in the americas, but after the u.s' 'war on drugs' dented colombian drug production and trafficking the drug lords just moved to mexico. shut them down in mexico and they'll move to another country. the only thing that fighting the war on drugs in south and central and north america accomplishes is driving up prices for drug consumers, and that rarely dampens demand. and, ironically again, the u.s invasion of afghanistan has been a huge boon to heroin production and consumption worldwide. the taliban, for all of their faults, actually were quite effective at shutting down opium production in afghanistan. but now with the taliban gone from afghanistan, opium and heroin production have resumed in full force. i mean, just imagine you're a farmer in afghanistan. you could grow soybeans and make barely enough money to feed your family. or you could grow poppies and make enough to buy a new car and new farm equipment and new clothes for your children. kind of an obvious choice for the afghani farmer, no? it's clear that the 'war on drugs' just isn't working. the u.s has spent billions and billions of dollars fighting the 'war on drugs', and yet drug production and consumption are higher than they've ever been. i'm not saying that we should just give up, but clearly the war on drugs isn't working. maybe the money should be spent educating consumers as to the dangers of drugs? except, well, looked at honestly and from a statistical perspective, drugs aren't always that dangerous. i'm not advocating drug use, but most people in the western world have done illegal drugs and have gone on to lead happy and healthy lives. even our current president used to be a cocaine addict. maybe someone should finally stand up and say: 'you know what? people seem to really like drinking and taking drugs. maybe as a concerned government we should educate people as to the deleterious ramifications of drug abuse. but maybe we should just accept that people do seem to really enjoy ingesting substances that alter their neurochemistry and allow people to do what they want to do to themselves.' i don't know, it just seems that from an empirical perspective the war on drugs not only isn't working, but hasn't worked from day one and has just ended up wasting billions of dollars and filling our prisons with people who are only guilty of selling the general public what the general public seems to really like. -moby

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