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have a good weekend.

a-i see the spinning lady spinning clockwise. i try to see counter-clockwise but i can't. even if i take off my glasses and squint and shut one eye. she's always spinning clockwise for me. b-disco party was really fun. and i looked excellent, i must say, in a powder blue polyester 3 piece suit. ah, disco. c-more tea pedantry: all tea comes from the same plant. it's true. white tea, green tea, black tea, pu-errh, oolong, kukicha, etc. the plant is camelia sinensis. the differences come from: 1-when the tea is picked 2-how it's treated after picking(mainly to do with fermentation) 3-where it's grown certain 'teas' aren't actually teas, like herbal 'teas'. you could just as easily call them herbal 'coffees'. they are infusions. and teas like earl grey have their distinct flavor from added flavors(earl grey coming from bergamot oil). this is the sort of trivia you pick up when you own a tea company. my favorite teas are silver needle(a barely processed white tea)and japanese matcha. i also like gyokoru. and if i'm hungover in an airport i really love good, cheap, black lipton. ok, tea pedantry done for the day. or maybe not. some people make a huge deal about water temperature(boiling for black tea, not quite boiling for white tea, etc)and the process(rinse tea pot with 205 degree water before adding leaves, let leaves sit in steamy tea pot before adding more 205 degree water, dispose of first steeping, etc). but you don't need to go crazy with the process, etc, unless it makes you happy. ok, now i've really overindulged the tea pedantry. 'pedantry' is a good word. instead of 'landed gentry' we could be the 'landed pedantry'. d-we're putting out a vinyl single of 2 rave tracks from my next record. i think we're only going to make 1,000 or so copies. i'll let you know how to get this vinyl when it's released, in case you'd like a copy. the songs are 'everyday it's 1989' and 'the stars'. happy piano-driven rave tracks. yee-haw. i love piano-driven rave tracks. have a good weekend. moby

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