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i was just in washington dc for a da

i was just in washington dc for a day, and while there i was wearing my 'republicans for voldemort' t-shirt. granted it's a fairly subtle literary reference(as the harry potter books have only sold, i believe, 300 million copies, and the movies have only been seen by a billion people or so), but i'm still surprised at how many people respond to the t-shirt as if i were really endorsing a republican candidate named voldemort. every now and then someone will stop me and say 'your t-shirt is very funny, where'd you get it?', but more often than not i get dirty looks from democrats('boo, hiss, dirty republican') and approving looks from republicans('yahoo! another member of the cabal!'). but this isn't about politics, it's about my excellent t-shirt(and no, i don't remember where it came from. i think that someone might've given it to me in a bar?)and how surprising it is that the vast majority of americans seem to be unfamiliar with the central antagonist in the most successful book franchise of all time. isn't that surprising? i think it's surprising. maybe if the t-shirt didn't look so authentic. it looks like a regular, old campaign t-shirt, with the little patriotic star and the red and white banner. as an aside, how did stars come to be a symbol of patriotism? not too many countries use stars on their flags(australia? new zealand?). what were the founding fathers thinking of when they decided to include the star as the sole figurative icon on our young nations flag? that they wanted to sow the seeds for our eventual conquest of outer space? that they wanted to acknowledge the big eyed space-aliens/freemasons/scientologists/greys who were actually running the country from caves deep below maryland and virginia? i have no idea. and stars are nice. i'm glad they're on our flag, even if they dont' really make a lot of sense. ok, back from d.c, time for lunch. and i might think twice before wearing my 'republicans for voldemort' shirt again, so as to not further confuse the people on the left and right. sowing confusion is bad karma. or not. i have no idea. -moby

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