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here are some good or bad ideas.

a-a dictionary for acronyms('ngc', for example. i know it has something to do with galaxies, but i don't know what, exactly). b-replacing internal combustion engines with electric engines for all fixed-route delivery vehicles. it's just absurd to have internal combustion engines for vehicles that do the same route everyday and then sit in a garage for 12 hours where they could be re-charging. c-storm surge barriers for new york city. very expensive, but nice to have when nyc gets hit with a category 5 hurricane and a storm surge. d-speaking of which(storm surges)why haven't all of the people who own coastal real-estate banded together to start a climate-change lobbying group? i was taking the train from dc to nyc today looking at the trillions of dollars of coastal, low-lying real estate that will all be underwater in a few years. i don't understand why coastal property owners haven't started a huge climate-change lobbying group to try to roll-back the effects of global warming. it would seem as if they have the most to lose. um, ok, i thought i had more good ideas(or bad ideas). but i guess i don't. plus i have to go out to dinner. and my brain is slow today. have a good night. moby

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