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truly insane

a woman in a suburb of denver put up a peace sign on the outside of her home. her neighborhood association(right wing christian republicans) are suing her to have it taken down, as they believe that the peace sign is 'offensive' and 'possibly a sign of satan'. dear god, what the hell is wrong with people? christians who are anti-peace and pro-war? the truth is that contemporary right-wing christianity in the united states could not possibly be further from the actual teachings of christ. christ compelled his followers to be forgiving and pacifistic. contemporary right-wing christians are pro-war and pro-death penalty. christ compelled his followers to have no posessions. contemporary right-wing christians are fiercely pro-capitalist. christ compelled his followers to pray in private. contemporary right-wing christians believe that prayer should be done in public. christ never mentioned: homosexuality, evolution, abortion, but these 3 issues are central to the right-wing christian agenda. really, what the hell is wrong with contemporary right-wing christians in america? there seems to be absolutely no foundation for the right wing christian agenda in the actual teachings of christ. to be a pro-war, pro-capitalist, pro-prayer in school, anti-gay, anti-evolution, anti-peace christian is like being a vegan who eats pork chops and hamburgers and runs an animal testing label in his basement. i can't believe that christian republicans in colorado are suing a woman for displaying a peace sign on the front of her home. that is truly insane. moby

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