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my birthday, 9-11, nyc

so, yesterday was my birthday. i'm 27 years old. my how the time flies. yesterday was also 9-11, the 5 year anniversary of the biggest terrorist attack on u.s soil. well, unless you count the war of 1812. but that was like 500 years ago, or something, before there was cnn. so, on a more serious note, ahem, how is the cause of grief and mourning served by cnn replaying the footage from 9-11, 2001? how does the endless barage of media pay honor to the innocents who lost their lives on september 11th? couldn't we as a nation agree to a quieter and perhaps more dignified and altogether more subtle day of remembrance? i know, as long as the media outlets have countless hours of 9-11 footage they'll never for a second consider a quiet and dignified day of remembrance. it's their lifeblood to pick the scabs of tragedy so long as people are willing to pay attention. so maybe we should all stop paying attention to the 9-11 annual media frenzy and just mourn and remember in our own way? maybe 9-11 should be a day of quiet, contemplative remembrance and mourning, and maybe on 9-11 we should all refrain from newspapers and the endless re-played footage of the planes flying into the twin towers? maybe the media will give us dignified coverage and rememberance if that's what we ask for and respond to? i, for one, as a human being, an american, and a new yorker, am not in any way served by once again seeing the footage of the planes flying into the twin towers. i lived through it once, i don't need to be gratuitously reminded of what happened, as every time i look at the sky from my roof i see a giant hole where the world trade center used to be. to be blunt, i'm tired of the media and the administration milking tragedy for their own transparent purposes. we know what happened. we remember what happened. leave us alone to mourn and remember in peace. moby

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