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it's been almost 5 years since the terrorists flew planes into the twin towers. and, as was true on the first four 9-11 anniversaries, journalists are writing 'state of nyc post 9-11' stories in almost every newspaper on the planet. one thing that i realized a long time ago is that drama makes for a good story, and the lack of drama is rarely newsworthy. with that in mind, no one's going to write a 'well, 5 years after 9-11, and nyc seems to be fine' story, cos that's just not very exciting or dramatic. but i'm here to say: 5 years after 9-11, and nyc is fine. the first few months were very rough, with the constant smoke in the air and the military and national guard at every corner and the huge pile of smoldering rubble where the twin towers had been, but new york actually got back to normal pretty quickly. so, speaking presumptuously for my fellow new yorkers, thank you for your concern but we're doing fine. come visit us and come and look at the wtc construction site and come get drunk on the lower east side and maybe walk through central park and visit the cloisters, but you don't need to walk on eggshells around us regarding 9-11 because we're all doing relatively well(although it would've been nice to have been told by the epa that the immediate post 9-11 air was filled with carcinogens and toxins, but that's another matter altogether). the terrible irony of 9-11 is that it's ended up hurting the rest of the world much more than it ended up hurting nyc. without 9-11 the u.s never would've invaded iraq(irag, as we need to remind ourselves, had nothing to do with 9-11). so as the rest of the world has had to deal with the foul foreign policy quagmire that is iraq, nyc has gotten back to normal. thanks for your concern, and come visit nyc(if you don't mind spending $400 or more a night for a decent hotel room and $10 for a bottle of beer), but don't worry about us, we're doing fine, thanks. moby

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