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Today's Daily News

in today's daily news there was a piece wherein i was supposedly talking about 'dirty tricks' aimed at keeping right-wing voters home on election day.
i just want to say, very clearly, that i don't support the suppression of anyone's constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.
what i meant in my statement was that george w. bush is actually quite weak on a lot of core right-wing issues.
for example:
a-he apparently paid for an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion(this isn't completely verifiable because president bush refuses to open his records. if he opens his records we'll be able to know a lot of things about his prior history.)
b-he has been arrested for drunk driving and cocaine posession(see previous caveat).
c-he went awol from his military service(see previous caveat).
d-he has invited the un to involve itself in america's foreign policy.
e-he has created the largest federal deficit in the history of the united states.
f-he has provided federal money for companies who actively close american factories and plants and send jobs overseas.
g-he has proposed amnesty for illegal aliens.
h-he approved funding for the taliban in early 2001.
i-he allowed a saudi private plane to remove members of the bin-laden family from the u.s. after september 11th when u.s airspace was shut down.
and so on.
i'm just pointing out that there are many core right-wing issues that are at odds with george bush's history and policy initiatives.
that's it.
thanks for listening,

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