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Jam For The Ladies

so another little piece of music news...
the next single that we're releasing (and no, i don't mean 'we' in the royal sense, 'we' being the record companies and me) will be 'jam for the ladies' with a special guest appearance from princess superstar (as well as guest vocals from angie stone and mc lyte and mic geronimo. yes, it's a crowded song.).
there will be remixes from fancy (of 'fannypack' fame) and jason nevins, and 2 new b-sides.
i have no idea when the single will actually be released. sometime in the early summer is my guess.
and the cover of the single is me in a 'nudie' suit. i think that's what it's called. it's a sort of las-vegas circa 1972 country-western suit and i love it and i wish i owned more of them even though i look completely ridiculous when i wear it (as you'll see on the cover of the single).
i guess that's it for now.

p.s-oh, this single will only be released on mute, so it won't be released in north america, most likely.

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